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Unlimited Online Consultation with Family Physician

Valid For: Family of 4 (Husband, Wife and 2 Children or 2 Parents)

Unlimited Online Consultation with Family Physician

Valid For: Family of 6 (Husband, Wife, 2 Children and 2 Parents)

Online doctor consultation or online medical consultation is another way to consult a doctor from the comfort of your home when you cannot visit a doctor physically at the clinic or hospital. You can talk to a doctor if you have any medical issues through Audio or video call. Online medical consultation are available 24/7 which makes it easier and faster to consult a doctor at your convinience.
All the doctors are registered medical practitioners. Along with qualifying degrees - experience, research and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with Doctor On Call and is given access to answer patient queries.
The doctor will ask your medical issues and health concerns and diagnose your condition. Depending on it, they may prescribe medicines or recommend some lab tests. You can use the online prescription to buy medicines online.
Privacy of data is one of the fundamental human rights and we at Doctor On Call understand that. All your medical history and online consultation with us are completely private and confidential. We are compliant with industry standards to ensure your consultations are securely stored.
Patients can use this facility in times of calamities, pandemics like COVID-19, curfews or any unforeseen circumstances; besides it is faster, safe, convinient with 24x7 availability