Customer Grievances Redressal Policy

During the present times when healthcare services is the key for sustainable life and people are really concerned for their well-being and health, provision for providing efficient healthcare delivery is the utmost important instrument for achieving the confidence and support of customer, and with such support, excel in customer service for sustained development in the business and its objectives of growth and milestones achievement.

Customer (including the user of the website complaints are part of the business life of any corporate entity. As being in a service sector and a service provider, customer satisfaction is the paramount objective for any Healthcare business. Doctor On Call Private Limited (DOC) believes that providing prompt and efficient service is extremely important not only to build confidence among new customers, but also to triumph over the existing customers.

DOC aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper, prompt and efficient service delivery, follow up review mechanism, and ensuring expeditiously effective redressal of complaints and grievances, if any.

The review mechanism helps in identifying the shortcomings in services delivered/ made available for the customers of DOC or otherwise.

    Key principles of DOC while Service delivery:
    • Customers are to be treated courteously at all the times.
    • Complaints raised by customers are to be dealt in all fairness and in time bound manner.
    • Customers are to be fully supported to escalate their complaints / grievances to the company and their rights to avail a suitable alternative remedy if they are not fully satisfied with the response is also available.
    • Staff of DOC will always work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customers.
    • To always know, acknowledge and understand that customer satisfaction and his well-being and good health is the key and primary concern for DOC
    Awareness of Grievance Redressal System

    At DOC, the customer’s, including website user’s experience is what we deliberate and focus on. This is why DOC listens and take time to know and understand the need of its users and take their concerns seriously. Going skin-deep to analyse, understand and scrutinize, how one would feel if stepped into the shoes of customer/ consumer to avail the services of DOC from the inception the one’s step-in to DOC till the time they are done, helps DOC evolve and enhance its service delivery. If a customer, including website user, has any time found the experience with DOC simply smooth and incredible, we know we are doing something worthy. However, when a customer/ user is concerned or has any grievance from DOC or from the services provided by the DOC, DOC shall do everything it can do to fix it and make it right.

    Sensitizing staff on handling complaints

    Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure that consumers queries and grievances are handled properly and efficiently. They are encouraged to work in a manner which helps’ the Company in building the consumer trust and confidence. This reflects in both the operations as well as the customer communications. Any grievance received, minor or major, through the customer or website user, are thoroughly analyzed and worked upon immediately in a way which aims at efficient and effective redressal and resolution of such grievance/ complaint from the root or its very inception.

    Every resolution and analysis aims for improvement of our service delivery and the overall increase in quality of the service levels, gradually.

    How to reach:

    Level 1:

    You can write to us on

    Level 2:

    If for any reason, your grievance has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please write to:

    Nodal Officer Customer Grievance
    Doctor On Call Private Limited
    5th Floor, SAS Tower, Sector – 38, Gurugram, 122001